Our story

The Edinburgh curling rink opened in 1980. Following the closure of Haymarket ice rink in 1978, curling moved to Murrayfield skating rink but with a new purpose built curling rink opening many clubs transferred there. Others went to Gogar Park curling rink, which opened in 1979. When Gogar Park closed in 2005 Curl Edinburgh became the sole curling facility in Edinburgh.

At Haymarket women curlers had been members of the Edinburgh Area of Ladies Curling Clubs. In 1981 this became the Edinburgh/Murrayfield Centre of Ladies Curling Clubs. The original constitution, approved at the AGM in 1985, has been amended several times. At the 2022 AGM the Centre’s name was changed to Edinburgh Women’s Curling.

The Ladies’ Branch is the name for the network of Ladies’ Centres. All Ladies’ Centres are represented on the Ladies’ Standing Committee (LSC). The LSC consists of a President, a Vice President, a Junior Vice President and a Treasurer as well as Representatives (Reps) from all 18 Ice Centres. The Reps have a 2-way role – to report back to all ladies at their ice centre and to pass information to the LSC. Our Rep is the current President.

Photographs from RCCC annuals showing women curling from 1895 when the first women’s club, Hercules Ladies (Fife) was admitted to the RCCC to the present. Curling was an outdoor sport until the opening of the first ice rink in 1907 in Glasgow. Edinburgh’s Haymarket opened in 1912.