Ladies’ Tour To US, November 2022

On October 17th 2022 4 Edinburgh Curlers, Kim Dalland, Vicky Gumley, Jill Black and Janette McLeod set off to the USA on a women’s curling tour as part of a 20 strong team of curlers from throughout Scotland.

Nearly one month later, on 12th November the team arrived home having travelled through 11 US states taken part in 18 matches each , totalling in 90 matches played and accumulated a resounding victory for Scotland over the US and successfully bringing the friendship Quaich played for in the memory of Marguerite Roberts home.  The USA team will be coming to Scotland in 2026 to contest for it again.  This ladies tour has been sending Scottish and USA ladies in competition with each other for over 70 years and it is such a great honour to be part of this tradition. More than anything the trip will be remembered for camaraderie, friendship, and fun.  The blue skies seemed to be with us every day and the memories will last us a lifetime.


Kim, Vicky, Jill & Janette on tour.
Vicky, Janette, Kim & Jill with the Marguerite Roberts trophy.

The Ladies Open Sellar Trophy, sponsored by SXP Designs, was held at Curl Edinburgh on 24th & 25Th January. Edinburgh rinks were the winners and runners-up in both the High Road and Low Road. Congratulations!

In the High Road, Team Barry beat Team Bruce to win the Sellar Trophy:

High Road Winners – A Anderson, M Barry, R Addinall, C Dodds
High Road Runners-up – F Smith, J Bruce, R Craig, E Butler

In the Low Road, Team Watt beat Team Gumley to win the Arnold Seftor Trophy:

Low Road Winners – B Watt, S Watt, C Tough, H Davis
Low Road Runners-up – J McLeod, K Dalland, M Aitken, V Gumley