Centre Bonspiel

The Centre Bonspiel usually takes place on the last Friday in November. All members of the Ladies’ Centre are welcome to play in this fun event. Notices for signing up to take part are put on club boards at the end of October. Just add your name and the position you normally play. Rinks are selected at random ensuring curlers are chosen from different clubs. The winning rink is the one with the most shots up.
The 2022 Centre Bonspiel took place on Friday 25th November. The winning rink was skipped by B Watt (Edinburgh) with G Black (Corstorphine), H Mann (Pentland) and J Inglis (Edinburgh).
The Centre Bonspiel trophy presented to the Ladies’ Centre by Elizabeth Herdman in 1997 with the bases presented by Netta Sanderson

The 2022 winners (l-r): Skip – B Watt (Edinburgh), Third – G Black (Corstorphine), Second – H Mann (Pentland), Lead – J Inglis (Edinburgh).