Fulton Salver

The competition for the Fulton Salver usually takes place on the first Monday in March. All members of the Ladies’ Centre are welcome to play in this fun event. Rinks for the competition are selected at random ensuring curlers are chosen from different clubs. Two games of 5ends are played in Sessions 2 & 3 using the Schenkel system for scoring.
The competition will take place on Monday 6th March 2023. The sponsor is Kath Murray of Corstorphine and Colinton Ladies.

The 2022 winners & runners-up

The Fulton Salver was presented to the Ladies’ Centre by Mrs Jill Fulton of Edinburgh Ladies’ Curling Club in 1981.

The Competition started in 1980 as knock-out competition for ladies over the age of 55 and was played on Fridays in the second half of the season. Entries were made either by Clubs or individual skips. The present format was adopted in 2003. From 2000 to 2011 the Fulton was sponsored by Mary, and latterly Jimmy, Carmichael. Since then sponsor has been an individual member of the Ladies’ Centre.