Rules for Seniors’ League

  1. The Competition is open to members of the Ladies’ Centre who are over 50 on the preceding 1st July.  All players must be members of the Ladies’ Centre.
  1. Ice fees of £13.50 per person/per game may be paid in advance by the Skip, or on the day.
  1. All games will be 8 ends or the bell.
  1. No more than 2 substitutes can be used in any one game.  Should a substitute be required she can have curled for another rink in the Competition.  A substitute may play in any position, except skip, but not higher than the position of the curler being replaced.  (A substitute is someone who is not a regular player in any of the rinks in Section A or section B.) 
  1. Two points shall be awarded for each win and one point for a draw. Ends scored, shots up, and total shots scored shall count in the event of a tie.
  1. If a team has a member failing to appear for the whole game the game will be forfeited and the non-offending team shall be awarded 5 ends and 6 shots.  No ends shall be awarded to the offending team.
  1. Section winners and runners-up shall qualify for the semi-finals. Should there be a peel in the semi-finals or final the winner will be determined by drawing the shot.

Please ensure score cards are kept correctly and put into the box provided.